Types of Treatment


We understand that the completion of the DEEP program is a significant hurdle in the restoration of one’s driver’s license after an OUI. Top of the Hill has been working with the DEEP program for over 20 years. We will expedite a smooth completion of DEEP.
Our DEEP rates prove to be lower than other providers in the area.

Outpatient Treatment

When facing a drug or alcohol problem, we believe that an individualized approach is a most effective beginning. All the time that is necessary to define the problem is afforded each new client. Treatment planning is driven by the client at the level of care Top of the Hill provides. A client at Top of the Hill will find they are not herded into a program that does not fit their individualized needs.

Family Counseling

Counseling for what is known as the “affected other” is considered as important as treatment for a drug or alcohol dependent client. It is guaranteed that this client will leave each session with new tools to develop productive change for their individualized problem.

Adolescent & Teen Substance Abuse Counseling

Adolescent and teen outpatient substance abuse counseling allows clients to remain at home and continue a normal daily routine, while receiving the professional therapy and guidance needed to address a problematic relationship with drugs or alcohol.

Top of the Hill outpatient counseling is appropriate as both a step down level of care following residential treatment, and as an initial option for clients with less severe addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Outpatient drug treatment therapy at Top of the Hill Counseling is staffed by skilled and knowledgeable counselors and focus on these core areas:

• Assessment and evaluation
• Coping with cravings and situations that trigger cravings
• Identifying and coming to terms with root causes of substance abuse
• Individual and group therapy sessions to support behavioral changes
• Stress management skills
• Communication skills
• Family dynamic assessment and improvement

Our outpatient counseling services are designed for adolescents and teens who do not require residential treatment, but have problems connected with substance abuse that effect relationships at school, work and at home.

Other Assessments/Evaluations

Top of the Hill has a long track record of meeting assessment needs for Child Custody Cases, Deferred Dispositions, State & Federal Probation, DHHS


Generally, two sessions are necessary to collect information from family members and friends to create a plan which includes, dignity, respect and no harm for the family or individual who is the focus of the problem. Chris Coose has 20 years experience in the development and implementation of a variety of intervention approaches.

Professionally Licensed Individuals

Top of the Hill is well known in the medical and legal communities throughout Maine as the go-to agency to provide follow –up care for licensed professionals who may be required to meet compliance requirements.

Active Current Groups

Clinically facilitated small groups develop and change in time at Top of the Hill. Please contact us for information of current small group activities.

Active Current groups are:

• Women in early recovery
• Men in early recovery
• Young people questioning and in active recovery.
• Suboxone support

Contact us for more information, or to schedule an initial meeting to discuss how Top of the Hill Counseling can help - (207) 780-8999